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Body Shop & Shot Blasting

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More Information on our Body Shop and Shot Blasting Services

Shot blasting is imperative in full vehicle restoration, it is the only way to ensure all rust is appropriately located and rectified. Once the vehicle is dismantled the body shell is removed from the chassis and the shell is attached to a rotisserie to allow 360 degree rotation and shot blasted back to bare metal. Similarly, the chassis and suspension components can also be blasted back in the same way if required.

A re‐sprayed body is the first thing people judge a restoration job by and it exemplifies the quality of the restoration.

Tornado has complete facilities in house for priming and re-spraying chassis and suspension components. Preparation and quality are imperative in order to achieve the correct finish, therefore, a great deal of importance is put on sending perfectly repaired components to our paint shop.

Older cars will have sheet metal dashboards, interior door panel sections and other trims, which will also be painted in-house.

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